Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Links

Just thought I'd take a moment to post the links to some of the blogs I read regularly:

(Note: I don't know any of these people personally)

Stacy McDonald, mother to 9 (I think). An amazing Godly woman!

And two of her daughters:

Crystal Paine's website/blog. She has wonderful ideas on frugal living, recipes, homemaking, etc.

Jenni's blog. Hilarious, witty, brilliant mother to 12. Love her blogging style!

Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin, two Christian sisters. I really look up to them.

If I remember any more, I'll post them later. :)

Also, I've been trying to read a LOT more lately, so for accountability, I'm going to post the books I have read each month.

Books I read in October:

~Many Dimensions, by Charles Williams (loved it!)
~War In Heaven, by Charles Williams (loved it!)

I wish I'd gotten in a couple more, but I'll do better this month.

Books I'm currently reading:

~ All Hallow's Eve, by Charles Williams
~ Sanctuary, by David Jeremiah (this is a great devotional book, I've read it several times)


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