Friday, December 26, 2008


Late Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Year, everyone! :)

Things have been tough over at our house, but in spite of it all, we managed to have a very nice Christmas. I think the best part was going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I was so blessed by that service! I love my church so very much, especially the people in it.

The PCOS is very bad recently... sooo sleepy all the time, and my body feels like a pile of bricks! Anyway, I hope that gets better soon. I got a gift certificate to my favorite herbal store, as well as the much-coveted herbal remedies book by Rosemary Gladstar(this made me so happy!!!), so I ordered some really good herbs from which I will make various healing decoctions, teas, and maybe some tinctures. They should help a lot with the PCOS symptoms.

Blessings to you all!



The Joker said...

Hey, this is Erin. XD I'm in your mother's Latin class. I'll try to pray for you guys. It's been in general a pretty hard class, since it's since your mother's been at loose ends, and I was starting to get really frustrated with the pace, but thanks to your post on Xanga, I think I understand A little better. I"ll pray for you guys!

Corinth said...

Happy new year, Erin! I'm glad you were able to have a good Christmas. Excellent about the herbs. *nods* Love and hugs and prayers!