Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ever since our beloved Kitty died, we've been looking for some kittens to welcome into our family, and it looks like we've found the perfect pair!! Kitty was my very best friend, and it was so hard when she passed away. She was there for me when nobody else was, and she let me cry on her whenever I needed to.

I haven't been truly happy about something in a LONG time, so this is really really neat! :) We haven't actually gotten the kittens yet, because they're too young, but we'll be getting them on September 18th. Here are pics:

^That's Emma

^And that's Jack

I am just...speechless. They're so beautiful and sweet, and I'm just so happy!! :D


Luke Holmes said...

Wow, those are cute. XD.

But where is a picture of *you* holding them?

Cat said...

oh wow, those are SO CUTE.
That's awesome that you're getting them... glad it's making you happy most of all! ^.^